How streams & rivers shape land & interact with forests


These illustrations were created for different projects. Upper one was part of a middleschool geology curriculum. Lower one was commissioned by Alaska Dept of Fish & Game for a publication on salmon. I’d been working on Jordan Creek [no Lingít name?], behind Sítʼ Eetí Shaanáx (Glacier Valley Elementary), and was thinking about that dynamic-&-youthful system when laying out the alternating pools and riffles so important to spawning and rearing habitat. Only later did I notice how the snakey meanders in the 2 block diagrams mirrored each other.

When we started the Landmark Trees project in 1996, it quickly became obvious that our search for giant trees was mostly a search for a special kind of stream and river deposit, called alluvium. You can approach the study of alluvial landforms and processes from the perspective of a geologist (the ‘abiotic’ angle). Or, as we did, from the perspectives of forest ecology (the ‘biotic’ angle). Given how important this globally important substrate is to forest productivity and riparian energy flow, I assumed a lot had been written about it.

I was wrong. For example, I could find nothing on why exceptionally large trees cluster where streams approach the heads of lakes. Maybe it’s because so little undeveloped alluvial surface remains throughout the world. I guess it’s up to us Southeast Alaskans!

Top: As a geologist sees alluvial landforms. Below: As a naturalist sees them.

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