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Downtown schools from Brave Outlier, the 160-foot spruce in foreground. Kalé; Y&M=Yaakoosgé-Daakahídi&Montessori; H=Harborview. This is how beautiful face sees us.

Oct-17th  Rather belatedly, I’m adding a page for beautifully-adorned face (JDH), on the occasion of STEAM-2022, the 3-day gathering of educators from Áak’w & T’aakú Aaní and beyond. Steve Merli and I, with guidance from his wife Pam, a conference organizer, added some fresh-air components to the dozens of lectures and breakout-sessions.

I live about 4 raven-flaps uphill from Kalé, so beautiful face is my playground and laboratory. There is so much potential for outdoor education from this and sister-schools, arrayed side-by-side toward Dzanti-Sayéik bridge, in background of this aerial.

To downtown teachers: with, say, 20-or-30-minutes’ heads-up, I could probably meet you and your class on the way past my street to Flume Trail or Brave Outlier. Extra points for weather-window-watchers and spontaneity! I spend way too much time in front of this computer and would be grateful to be yanked out the door on your tree-hugging or goating adventure.

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Escape to ‘beautiful face’

Outdoors with teachers Kalé means beautifully adorned face, of slopes rising northeast from the highschool named for them (JDH).…

Mass wasting finale

In class—our penultimate Wednesday—we reviewed Bay&Valley day, and then transitioned to the concluding Saturday field trip focusing on ‘serious-stuff-coming-downhill.’ For…

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Avalanche mapping

Releases in Nettleslide (Behrends path) & Last Chance Goatwatching in winter leads inevitably to fascination with avalanches. Yesterday, Feb 12,…

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Autumn Goatlandia

Rainforest rut Last fall I described elements of rutting season in mountain goats, but did not attempt a comprehensive review.…

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Dzisk’w liu kaadi: little owl snowslide

Avalanches in Goatlandia Yesterday (20210304), avalanches were triggered above the Thane Road runout on Snowslide Creek. Several folks posted impressive…

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Nature near the schools: Downtown Schools. 1991

Materials from the Eisenhower Math and Science series Discovery Southeast was born at Harborview Elementary, under the tuteladge of master-teachers…

1991 | Carstensen, Streveler & Pohl | workshop materials

Cemetery mapping, 1990-2017

College-level field mapping in elementary school Probably the most ambitious project undertaken in my pilot Nature Studies program at Harborview,…

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Blackwell City Walk: info packet

Another great idea from Mike Cathy Connor and I (Richard Carstensen) have inherited a tradition spearheaded by our friend Mike…

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Geopdfs Gold geology

High-resolution GeoPDF pair for field navigation in Dzantik’i Héeni (Gold Creek) watershed. In apps such as Avenza, on your phone…

2019 | Richard Carstensen | 2 geopdfs

2001 summer newsletter, Gold Creek solstice: field notes from the crest of the year

On the solstice, I walked the Flume Trail above Dzantik’i Héeni, flounders creek (Gold Creek). Enamored of my newest tool—a…

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Dzantik’i Héeni delta historical series

Seawalk: Rehabilitating our waterfront. 2013: To evaluate change along the shoreline proposed for a seawalk, I georeferenced a series of…

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