Three geopdfs for Áak’w watershed: 1) Aanchgaltsóow, nexus town. 2) Áak’w Ta, Auke Bay, and 3) the highlands of Spaulding Meadows.

Áak’w, little lake (Auke Lake) & Áak’w Tá, little lake bay (Auke Bay)

Juneau’s pre-gold cultural hub

The hill to the east of Auke Lake—named “Hill 560” by my mentor Dan Bishop—is underlain by limey slate and phyllite, Juneau’s most productive parent material for large-tree forest. For an imagining of what this hill looked like when first paleomarine kayakers saw it, about 10,000 years ago, see page 30 in Natural history of Juneau Trails.

1991 Hydrologist Dan Bishop at portal to the Dan Bishop Bay Creek Trail. Dan was a mentor to early Discovery naturalists.

The steep northwest-facing slopes of this hill are protected from gales that in most other locations knock down conifers presumptive enough to stick their crowns too high in the air.

One of them—the unfortunate spruce in thumbnail, upper right—leaned over the expensive new Auke Lake Trail, and was topped as a precautionary measure, the year after I took this photo. In the LiDAR point cloud it measured over 200 feet tall. For more on the tall trees of Auke Lake Trail, check out New tools for old naturalists, a 2015 Fireside presentation. Drag the slider about 12 minutes into this 31-minute slideshow.

View over Áak’w (Auke Lake) to Áak’w Kwáan Sít’i, Auk people’s glacier (Mendenhall), September 2012.

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Skiing at Spaulding Meadows, above Auke Bay. spaulding from Discovery Southeast JuneauNature on Vimeo.

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