In this section are a mix of published books and fairly ‘formal’ shorter publications, both paper and digital. Most have had at least limited print runs. For more casual reports, mostly in pdf form, see also Essays & documents. In some cases, ‘borderline,’ informal documents are filed in both categories.

Let’s start with 4 books that belong on every Southeast naturalist’s shelf. From left to right: the plant book; the everything book; the placenames book, and Hank‘s book— the most lyrical statement on Why we live here. I’ve given full book reviews for each of them, so they aren’t included in the links below.

The ‘Core Four.’

In this section

1996 student publication on forests near Dzantik’i Héeni

Forests of Eix̱’gul’héen In the early days of Dzantik’i Héeni Middle School, I was asked to assist with a poetry-and-art…

1996: updated 2023 | ROPES House students | 19 pages

Shaanáx̱ Tlein, (Lemon Creek watershed)

Tides, toads & topography: Natural & cultural history of big valley In 2003 I had the privilege of directing a…

2003 | Alder House students | 27 pages

Whistlers on the mountains

Hoary marmots by Armstrong & Hermans In 2006, inspired by the amazing photo library Bob Armstrong had been accumulating, mostly…

2006 | Bob Armstrong & Marge Hermans | 33 pages

1995 Student guide to Outer Point

Take a hike … Exploring a favorite Juneau trail In the inaugural year of Dzantik’i Héeni Middle School, an ambitious…

1995 | Students of Dzantik'i Héeni | 19 pages

A naturalist’s look at Southeast Alaska

Core text for early Discovery teacher workshops In 1992 and 93, Gustavus naturalist Greg Streveler and I visited 5 communities…

1993 | Greg Streveler & Richard Carstensen | 16 pages

Armstrong guide to remote cameras

Tips and tools from a versatile naturalist-photographer My buddy Bob Armstrong has experimented with a broad range of cameras for…

2020 | Bob Armstrong | 43 pages

People on the land

The central chapter in my 2013 publication Natural history of Juneau trails, pages 29-36, is a summary of deep and…

2013 | Richard Carstensen | 7 pages (full publication, 72 pages)

Aquatic insects book

Aquatic insects in Alaska John, Kathy and Bob collaborated on this amazing publication—yet another in Armstrong’s rich library of self-published…

2012 | John Hudson, Katherine Hocker, Robert Armstrong | 142 pages

Atlas of biogeographic provinces (draft)

Heart and edge: Biogeographic provinces of Língít-&-K’áyk’aanii An atlas-in-progress for the 22 biogeographic provinces of Lingít and Haida country. In…

2020, updates 2023 | Richard Carstensen | 44 page excerpt

Southeast habitats (draft)

Summit to sea: Terrestrial, coastal & freshwater habitats of Southeast Alaska Here’s the first 11 pages of a 150-page draft…

2018 draft | Richard Carstensen | 11 page excerpt

The Mendenhall Wetlands: a globally recognized Important Bird Area.

In 2009, with support from the Southeast Alaska Land Trust, Bob, Mary, Marge and I distilled much of the information…

2009 | Armstrong, Carstensen, Willson and Osborn | 82 pages

Why do we live here?

Factors in village site selection People on the land, yesterday, today and tomorrow. In early 2013, Goldbelt Heritage Foundation (GHF),…

2014 | Richard Carstensen | 63 pages

Forest restoration in the Tongass: Why, how, and where

Bob’s summary for The Wilderness Society. Techniques and strategies. Download here (8MB): †

2012 | Bob Christensen | 71 Pages

Northern Baranof Island: Past, present, and future

Reflections from our 2007 field surveys of northern Shee, volcano woman (Baranof Island). Covers history of logging in the province,…

2007 | Bob Christensen|Richard Carstensen | 12 pages

About bears: Juneau bears, and their relationship with people

This 42-page booklet, About Bears, was written during construction of Dzantik’i Héeni Middle School by Richard Carstensen, Steve Merli, and…

1997 | Richard Carstensen, Steve Merli, Ronalda Cadiente | 42 pages

Just before the camera: journal of Richard Meade

Richard Meade was captain of a steamship that spent 4 months in Southeast in 1868 and 1869. I’ve created a…

2014: updated 2023 | Richard Meade (Carstensen, ed) | 44 pages

Beavers by the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska

Introduction to a keystone species in recently deglaciated upper Áak’w Táak, inland from little lake (Mendenhall Valley). Can’t picture beavers…

2009 | Bob Armstrong|Mary Wilson | 62 pages

Lichens around Mendenhall Glacier

Another great example of Bob Armstrong’s many collaborations with experts, in this case Chiska Derr.  Beautifully illustrated guide to lichens…

2010 | Bob Armstrong & Chiska Derr | 50 pages

Bob Armstrong’s Photographing nature in Alaska

Bob Armstrong is one of Juneau’s most innovative and energetic photographers. If you just need a great photo or video…

2010 | Robert Armstrong | 162 pages

Reading Southeast Alaska’s landscape

How bedrock foundations, glaciers, rivers and sea shape the land How bedrock influences the shape of mountains and coastal landforms.…

2013 | Cathy Connor|Richard Carstensen | 28 pages