Schools throughout the archipelago

(Beyond our home turf of Áak’w & T’aakú Aaní)

Master naturalist Greg Streveler probing the mysteries of succession at northern limits of Lingít Aaní in late October, 1992. Pilot-bread break with trusty Naturemobile in sleeked-down travel-mode. Xalak’ach’ Héeni, porcupine river, northwest of Deishú (Haines)

Following site-based and thematic workshops in my home kwáans of Áak’w & T’aakú Aaní, Greg Streveler and I took Nature near the schools  ‘on-the-road’ (marine highway, actually). In 1992 & 93, from the Naturemobile—a 1969 Ford truck with telescoping Alaskan Camper on the back—we brought backyard-nature to 5 communities in the northern & central archipelago:

Schools of Jilkáat & Jilkoot Aaní

In northern Lynn Canal, Discovery’s workshops were held at Deishú, trail’s end (Haines), but teachers came in also from Shgagwei, windy white caps (Skagway).

Schools of Xunaa Káawu

Workshop was at Xunniyaa, lee of north wind (Hoonah), attended also by teachers from Gustavus, Elfin Cove and Pelican.

Schools of Xutsnoowú Aaní

Here we based at Aangóon, isthmus town (Angoon), hosting also some teachers from across the strait at T’einaageey, hindward side bay (Tenakee)

Schools of Sheet’ká Aaní

At Sheet’ká, ocean side of Shee, ie Baranof Island (Sitka), Greg and I rendezvoused with Scott Brylinski, Discovery’s founding director, who had moved to the outer coast after passing the torch to Cinda Stanek.

Schools of Shtax’héen Aaní

Southernmost of our site workshops was held at Séet Ká, on the channel (Petersburg). A few teachers came up from Kaachxan.áak’w, accessible little-lake (Wrangell) to join us.