1981 | Bishop, Mills, Jacoby and Moore | 95 pages

Environmental and cultural assessment for the proposed Salmon Creek road-pipeline development

Before I began working with Dan Bishop in 1985, he teamed with 3 other Juneauites to study a proposed access road up Salmon Creek, connecting upper and lower powerhouses. Surely he must have talked about this project in the decade I knew him. But I was surprised to find the report in the collection of Environaid materials that Dan’s daughter Gretchen brought by for me to scan, reformat, and disseminate.

Pre-road survey by Steve Jacoby. He found 65-year second growth, especially south of the old tram, dating to logging for timbers and clearing for the tram and flume.


Historical section by Tim Moore is the most thoroughly illustrated of the report, combining archival images with ‘current condition’ shots in 1981.

Before flipping through this lovely report, I’d forgotten that my first visits to the dam for brookie fishing in the late 1970s were not on the bikeable gravel road we take for granted today. Instead, it  was a muddy slog alongside remains of a locomotive tramway.

Bushwacking through the southside forests in winter of 2022, Steve Merli and I frequently puzzled over old traversing roadbeds and second-growth forests obviously dating to the early 1900s. So it was a delight to discover the historical section of this report by Tim Moore—at the time a fresh archeology grad from CSU—now father of Discovery’s current board vice president, Sarah Moore.


Download report here (5MB): †PDF_Download