Harborview Elementary School

Five downtown schools are in 12-square-mile Dzantik’i Héeni (Gold Creek) watershed. Most urban of CBJ schools, they’re correspondingly most challenging for quick access on foot to wild land, particularly in upper grades with quicker period rotations. But Evergreen Cemetery works for many purposes. And the new Seawalk is a huge asset for outdoor education. For a more adventurous scramble (but not in avalanche season!) we head up into Nettle Slide.

All of our current schools and everything outboard of Willoughby Avenue is fill, mostly from AJ Mine. Compare this LiDAR-based hillshade to the 2013 orthophoto below

CBJ-commissioned orthomosaic, June, 2013. Imagery was flown prior to construction of the Sea Walk (added however, on hillshade above), which has subsequently become a major recreational and educational asset, within easy walking distance from downtown schools. At Discovery, we hope to soon offer focused interpretive materials for this site at the mouth of Dzantik’i Héeni, little flounder creek

In the early 1990s, a freshly minted “Discovery Foundation” (our name, back then) offered teacher workshops throughout Juneau School District. Overview materials from those workshops are described and linked in Nature near cbj schools. Or drill down to these content pages for a pdf & pptx specific to the Downtown Schools.

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Escape to ‘beautiful face’

Outdoors with teachers Yadaa.at Kalé means beautifully adorned face, of slopes rising northeast from the highschool named for them (JDH).…

Nature near the schools 1991: Downtown Schools powerpoint

Materials from the Eisenhower Math and Science series Discovery Southeast was born at Harborview Elementary, under the tuteladge of master-teachers…

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Cemetery mapping, 1990-2017

College-level field mapping in elementary school Probably the most ambitious project undertaken in my pilot Nature Studies program at Harborview,…

2018 | Richard Carstensen | 46 pages

Special trees in Nettle Slide

New angles on Tʼóokʼ dleit ḵaadí, nettle snowslide (Behrends Slide) Late September, 2020  It’s probably time we stopped calling this…

2020 | Richard Carstensen | 90 second slideshow

Blackwell City Walk: info packet

Another great idea from Mike Cathy Connor and I (Richard Carstensen) have inherited a tradition spearheaded by our friend Mike…

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Behrends avalanche

Three days after an avalanche came down Behrends Slide, near Juneau, Alaska, I went up for some raven’s-eye perspectives. The…

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Cemetery stem mapping: then and now

Remapping with Montessori For a teacher at any of the downtown schools (Harborview, Montessori, JD High) with only an hour’s…

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2001 summer newsletter, Gold Creek solstice: field notes from the crest of the year

On the solstice, I walked the Flume Trail above Dzantik’i Héeni, flounders creek (Gold Creek). Enamored of my newest tool—a…

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Dzantik’i Héeni delta historical series

Seawalk: Rehabilitating our waterfront. 2013: To evaluate change along the shoreline proposed for a seawalk, I georeferenced a series of…

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