Streams, rivers, ponds, lakes

This section is divided into Stillwater and Moving water subsections. The latter have been much better studied in our region, due largely to their importance to salmon. Explore those sub-categories or view the entire JuneauNature hierarchy at this site map.

Freshwater aquatic diversity in Antler River basin in Daxanáak, between 2 points (Berners Bay). This alluvial plain was raw and active a century ago until its glacial source retreated. Former side channels are now stillwater ponds, both connected and isolated from the Antler mainstem. With global warming the floodplain will support large-tree spruce forest. A corresponding succession will happen in the river itself, as each salmon species experiences changes to spawning and rearing habitat.

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Southeast habitats (draft)

Summit to sea: Terrestrial, coastal & freshwater habitats of Southeast Alaska Here’s the first 11 pages of a 150-page draft…

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