The land-sea interface

Coastal habitats is divided into Estuaries and Intertidal. Obviously, estuaries comprise only a small fraction of our intertidal coastline, but they’re so ecologically and culturally important that I’ve set them apart, and even subdivided them further, into bare tideflat, salt marsh, and uplift meadow. View the coastal hierarchy at this site map.

Alaska Shorezone Project aerial oblique. Naguk Héen, stream at the eye (Dick’s Arm), outer coast of Glacier Bay National Park, 20050721.

The coastline of Southeast Alaska is not only among the world’s most spectacular and intact; it’s now among the most thoroughly documented.

By 2010, almost every linear foot of shoreline in Southeast had been captured in lovely oblique still imagery, like the shot above, and in video. The Alaska Shorezone Project flew the entire mainland and archipelago at low elevation, always during low tides. A flight index map on their website guides you to your desired imagery.

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Southeast habitats (draft)

Summit to sea: Terrestrial, coastal & freshwater habitats of Southeast Alaska Here’s the first 11 pages of a 150-page draft…

2018 draft | Richard Carstensen | 11 page excerpt