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East Xunaa is our northernmost island province, including most of Chichagof as well as Táas’ Daa, double-headed tide around it (Lemesurier) and Wunachích, back of porpoise (Pleasant Island). Geologically, almost all of the province lies within the Alexander Terrane, which, farther to the southeast, contains the famous caves and (vanished) giant trees of northern Tàan, sea lion (Prince of Wales). As on Tàan, carbonate rocks are common in East Xunaa Province, with high-quality karst scattered primarily throughout the eastern portion. The western province is predominantly granitic with thinner soils and less productive forest, so logging has concentrated around Hoonah.

Bedrock and surficial geology of the Hoonah area, on IfSAR-generated bare earth.

Tree size and logging in East Xunaa Province. Logging (pink) has concentrated on the eastern portion where limey parent material supported more large-tree forest (dark green).

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