In this section are a mix of published books and fairly ‘formal’ shorter publications, both paper and digital. Most have had at least limited print runs. For more casual reports, mostly in pdf form, see also Essays & documents. In some cases, ‘borderline,’ informal documents are filed in both categories.

Let’s start with 4 books that belong on every Southeast naturalist’s shelf. From left to right: the plant book; the everything book; the placenames book, and Hank‘s book— the most lyrical statement on Why we live here. I’ve given full book reviews for each of them, so they aren’t included in the links below.

The ‘Core Four.’

In this section

The streamwalker’s companion

This is an overview of streamwalking in Southeast Alaska intended for anyone who wants to put on a pair of…

2003 | Kathy Hocker|Terry Schwarz | 60 pages

Reading Southeast Alaska’s landscape

How bedrock foundations, glaciers, rivers and sea shape the land How bedrock influences the shape of mountains and coastal landforms.…

2013 | Cathy Connor|Richard Carstensen | 28 pages

90 Plus Short Walks Around Juneau

One of the most popular and well-used publications about Juneau hiking trails, this guide includes trail information, topographical maps, and…

2015 Edition | Mary Lou King | 113 pages

Common tracks guide

Tracking has been a core activity in Discovery programs for about 30 years.  This pocket guide provides tracking tips for…

2013 | Richard Carstensen | 60 pages, 2.3 MB, 5.5 x 4.25

Common Sea Life of Southeastern Alaska

This full-color, 170-page guide to invertebrates and selected fish of our region covers everything from soft corals to rockfish. In…

2015 | Aaron Baldwin|Paul Norwood | 170 pages

Habitat use of amphibians in northern Southeast Alaska

Final report on Discovery’s 2-year study of amphibian habitat relations. Population numbers, breeding pond origin types, and amphibian natural history…

2003 | Richard Carstensen, Mary Wilson, Robert Armstrong | 77 pages