8.1 Til’héeni, dog salmon stream (Salmon Creek watershed)

I’m inserting a page for this watershed belatedly; thus the ‘oops-think-ahead-next-time‘ decimal numbering.  At least ‘8.1’ will keep things organized on the general NW-to-SE trend, between 8 Shaanáx Tlein (Lemon) and 9 Dzantik’i Heeni (Gold)

Landslide-created pond near end of powerhouse access road. Fresh debris from yet another slide on Dec 1st, 2020, same day as the fatal one at Deishú, trail’s end (Haines). Photo in May, 2021 by Discovery naturalist Mike Justa.

Stereopair for lower Til’heeni watershed, from beach up to the landslide pond. June, 2013, from CBJ-commissioned raw imagery.

A number of converging interests—landslides, giant trees, and mountain goats—have drawn my friends and me to Til’héeni, dog salmon stream (Salmon Creek).  To explore this new addition to featured Aak’w watersheds, check out:

  1. A slideshow about the landslide pond that  I created but never posted back in the innocent prepandemic days of 2019.
  2. The amazing 1981 Environaid report by Bishop, Caulfield, Jacoby and Moore.
  3. Ideas about access to giant-tree forests on very steep slopes.

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Bishop et al 1981 Salmon Creek road

Environmental and cultural assessment for the proposed Salmon Creek road-pipeline development Before I began working with Dan Bishop in 1985,…

1981 | Bishop, Mills, Jacoby and Moore | 95 pages

Rockslide snagswamp

Unraveling the origins of a fascinating pond Til’héeni, dog salmon stream (Salmon Creek) is a new addition to featured Áak’w…

2019 | Richard Carstensen | 4-minute slideshow