1991 | Carstensen, Streveler & Pohl | workshop materials

Materials from the Eisenhower Math and Science series

Sample spread from our workshop package for Downtown Schools. Streveler presentation notes and Carstensen hand-drawn geo-map

Discovery Southeast was born at Harborview Elementary, under the tuteladge of master-teachers Homan, Maier, Baxter and Campbell. So it was a joy to bring this site-based teachers’ workshop to Harborview and its neighboring middle and high school in April, 1991. I remember walking across the street with Streveler and the teachers to the corner of J&Js, where a steep, informal trail climbs into the cemetery. Greg plunged his hand into soft duff where a rotting root system clung to the bank, and pulled out charcoal—likely from a L’eeneidí fish camp, tucked against the beach here when sea level was higher. Had he pulled out a white rabbit, they (and I) could have been no more surprised.

Deliverables from the Eisenhower workshop for downtown schools resided for a time in 3-ring binders, given to the school libraries. Today, they’re digital:

● Our workshop manual Nature near the schools: Downtown Schools is an 11 MB

● A slideshow, originally in the form of 35mm slides (yes, kids, that’s what “slideshow” means!) is now available as a 23 MB powerpoint with presenter notes