2020 | Richard Carstensen | geopdf, 17MB

Jilkáat and Jilkoot Aaní, land of Chilkat & Chilkoot people

The 2012 cultural atlas edited by Tom Thornton and Harold Martin—Haa L’éelk’w Hás Aani Saax’ú: Our grandparents’ names on the land—maps about 200 Lingít placenames in the Greater Chilkat Watershed and near-vicinity. This geopdf, based upon that atlas, is an interim product and will be updated as we receive input from knowledgeable speakers and elders.

Names on this geopdf are presented in 3 lines: Lingít, over translation, over English. In some cases, translation is uncertain; in others, no equivalent English name is given on maps. Loaded to your phone or tablet and displayed in Avenza (instructions here), you can display your position and track, and attach your photos, exporting a Google Earth kmz to display your photopoints.

Download chilkatplacenames.pdf here: 16.5 MB


In addition to Thornton-& Martin’s published atlas, a parallel and actively evolving effort is maintained by Sealaska Heritage Foundation. One presentation of this dynamic atlas can be viewed on the large touch table at Soboleff Center’s museum room. Another online version is available to schools throughout Lingít Aaní. SHI’s interactive map display has about 3,500 Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian place names, with linked audio for more than half of them, in the appropriate regional dialects. Some link to multimedia stories of at.óowu.