Kooyú X’áat’ cavelike entrance island (Kuiu)

Southwestern shorelines of Kuiu are exposed to severe Pacific storms comparable to those that sweep the outer coasts of Shee and West Xunaa provinces. Most iconic and ‘thumbnail-worthy’ (right) is the lighthouse at Áat Séet, coronation island pass (Cape Decision). Like Chichagof, Kuiu Island is deeply dissected by fiords that nearly divide the island in several places. Northern Kuiu offers 6 major bays with secure anchorages, plus extensive access into the island interior on the network of logging roads.

Northeast over Saná, voicing in there (Port Malmesbury) on central Kooyú X’áat’

Much of northern Kuiu and Central Islands provinces have low-lying topography, both above and below sea level. One expression of convoluted bathymetry is abundance of estuaries, as here on Fall Dog Creek at the head of Kúchx’w, noisy (Security Bay). Photo by Alaska Shorezone.

Largest tree so far documented by the Landmark Trees Project, in northern Kuiu Province. Our first and highest-scoring big-trees stand side by side in this stand. Inset shows difference between our measurement protocol and that used by American Forests for champion tree nominations. For giants like Sitka spruce and redwoods, diameter at breast height gives an exaggerated impression of tree size.

In the Landmark Trees Project, 1996-2005, we surveyed one-acre giant-spruce stands from Hoonah to southern Tàan, sea lion (POW Island). Generally, the trend is increasing tree size moving southward from Tlingit into Haida country. Unfortunately, however, the thoroughness of logging also increases in that direction. All of Tàan has been ransacked by the search for large trees, leaving soberingly few forests of LT caliber. So far, our highest-scoring Landmark Trees acre is in northern Kuiu Province, on a patch of nutrient-rich limestone bedrock.

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