1991 | Carstensen, Streveler, Stanek & Merli | workshop materials

Materials from the Eisenhower Math and Science series

Sample spread from our materials package for Mendenhall River School. Streveler bubble-chart for who-eats-who, alongside my annotated bibliography of Valley research publications, arranged not alphabetically but chronologically, as a “successional” series showing how knowledge grows from the compost of predecessors’ works.

In February, 1991, with Gustavus master-naturalist Greg Streveler, Discovery director Cinda Stanek and naturalist Steve Merli, I gave a site-based workshop for teachers at Mendenhall River School (MRS). The area visited with teachers, and described in these materials, lies north across Back Loop Road into the Forest Service’s vast Glacier Recreation Area, reachable within minutes on foot from the school.

In addition, Glacier Visitor Center’s easy proximity from MRS (and also from Floyd Dryden and Sít’ Eetí Shaanáx) makes that area appealing for bus or carpool trips. We included interpretive materials for that site as well.

Deliverables from the Eisenhower workshop for Mendenhall River School resided for a time in 3-ring binders, given to the school library. Today, they’re digital:

● Our workshop manual Nature near the schools: Mendenhall River Elementary is a 9 MB

● A slideshow for MRS, originally in the form of 35mm slides (yes, kids, that’s what “slideshow” means!) is now available as an 18 MB powerpoint with presenter notes