2012 | Richard Carstensen | 10 min; 25 min

As Kathy Hocker and I built up Discovery‚’s library of historical photographs, during our Repeat Photography Project in 2004-2005, we noticed that many images from the Mendenhall Wetlands showed dairy operations. This led to more focused study of that period in Juneau‚’s history. As people start to think about sustainable, localized food production what lessons (or cautionary tales?) might the old dairy farmers have to teach us? In 2012, I gave a talk for the Juneau-Douglas City Museum on dairy history. Below are vimeo links to that talk, divided into 2 parts: a 10-minute introduction, and a 25-minute chronicle, from Juneau‚’s earliest to last days of home-grown milk production.

Juneau dairies, part 1:

Juneau dairies, part 2: