2019 | Richard Carstensen | 2 geopdfs

High-resolution GeoPDF pair for field navigation in Dzantik’i Héeni (Gold Creek) watershed. In apps such as Avenza, on your phone or tablet, you can see your GPS/cell-triangulation position on this image, lay a track, and export this track with photopoints to KMZ for display in Google Earth..

First choice is a 2012 LiDAR-derived bare-earth hillshade with bedrock geology units, faults, and 10-meter contours. Other layers, exported from ArcMap, include streams, roads, and contemporary hiking trails in yellow (but note PS below). Historical features such as prospects, surficial trams and subterranean adits are covered in this key.

The second choice—also from the 2012 LiDAR—is a less cluttered surficial geology, overlain only with trails, the 2 primary faults, and 10-m contours. Note that Sumdum thrust and Silverbow fault intersect right at the zone of most intensive mining!  Background for surficial geology landforms is here.  On the interactive ‘surf-geo’ map, you can click on each unit to learn more

More information on geoPDFs and use of Avenza is at Media types>Maps&geoPDFs., and at Tools>Field navigation.

PS 20190524:  Note that on these 2 maps, final approach to the summit of Shaa Tlaax (Mt Juneau) does not reflect recent trail improvements. A more current trail map is on this version, created for my May-2019 climb, described in this video journal.

Download bedrock geoPDF here (9.5MB)

Download surficial geology geoPDF here (9.5MB)