2018 | Richard Carstensen | 2 geoPDFs

High-resolution GeoPDF pair for field navigation at Angooxa Yé, where slaves put up food (Fish Creek) on northern Sayéik, spirit helper (Douglas Island). Includes the trail up Fish Creek to its eastern trailhead on the road to Eaglecrest. In apps such as Avenza, on your phone or tablet, you can see your GPS/cell-triangulation position on this image, and lay a track.

First choice below is a LiDAR-derived bare-earth hillshade with modeled streams and 10-foot contours. Other layers, exported from ArcMap, are named roads, hiking trails, and our wetland units from the CBJ wetland survey project. Thick blue lines are “subsheds,” also mapped during that project.  The bold blue line at Extreme High Water butts up against built dikes, showing impediments to tidal cover (that could be removed!). Upper limits of the green tint at 32 feet show maximum tidal incursion at peak Little Ice Age. Moving upstream from North Douglas Highway, the hillshade shows a series of alluvial terraces that formed during receding sea levels as the creek ate downward into its ancient delta.

The second choice is a 2013 orthophoto with overlain streams and trails. More information on geoPDFs and use of Avenza is at Media types>Maps&geoPDFs., and at Tools>Field navigation.

Download hillshade geoPDF here (8MB)

Download aerial geoPDF here (12MB)