2020 | Richard Carstensen |

DSE-SAWC collaboration

Beginning in early 2020, Discovery Southeast is assisting the Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition with investigations at Fish Creek Delta.Discovery Southeast has a long history at Fish Creek, beginning with our first natural history programs at Harborview Elementary in 1989. Of all CBJ schools, Harborview—our ‘birthplace’—is most challenged by natural settings for outings on foot. Fortunately, Harborview’s energetic master teachers had great parental support, and mobilized car-pool expeditions. Fish Creek delta quickly became one of our favorite destinations.

DSE activities are dictated by season. From the beginning, Discovery’s core Nature Studies theme in winter has been tracking and sign interpretation. Only on snow can we easily track light-footed creatures such as weasel and shrew. Diversity of animal sign correlates with habitat diversity, and there are few sites in Áak’w Aaní with a richer assortment in one small area than Fish Creek delta. Thousands of students have learned tracking skills at Fish Creek since our first trips here in 1989.