2016 | Richard Carstensen | 2:42

20160526  Quadcopter video of Ch’eet’ Taayi, murrelet fat (Cowee Creek) over uplift meadow and blooming wildflowers. Cathy Pohl, Steve Merli and I hiked out to Cowee Meadows today—CBJ’s most extensive uplift meadows. We’d heard reports of spring wildflowers, well ahead of schedule, and also of singing olive-sided flycatchers. No luck with the flycatchers (more on them in previous Dan Moller trail post, vimeo.com/167666576), but the flowers were awesome. As on Dan Moller, last week, I packed along the quadcopter, and went up for aerial perspectives on these luscious meadows, at a variety of elevations.

About halfway into this ~3-minute video, I tried ‘walking’ the drone at waist level through the blossoms. When the gimbal’s turned on, this stabilizes the movie, smoother than if you just swept a gopro through ungimballed. Also gets more out of your drone batteries than an equivalent amount of airtime.

coweewalk from Discovery Southeast JuneauNature on Vimeo.