2019 | Richard Carstensen & John Hudson | slide show in 2 parts: 38 & 22 minutes

Slideshow in two parts

Kaxdigoowu Héen, going back clearwater has been one of my favorite places since I first explored it in the mid-1980s. For Paul Adamus, 33 years ago when I could still hear the high notes of singing birds, I conducted early morning listening surveys and vegetation descriptions leading to the first ground-truthed wetlands mapping for CBJ. What I then knew as “Montana Creek” (an odd name that nobody knows the origin of) was instrumental in my early thinking about the role of disturbance—alluvial, beaver and timber extraction—in habitat productivity, fish and wildlife values, and the politics of conservation. It’s still one of my favorite places, where Discovery hopes to offer teacher workshops in summer, 2019

So it was with pleasure that I accepted Nancy Waterman’s invitation to put together a talk on ‘Kax‘ for the Southeast Alaska Land Trust’s annual winter fundraiser. I suggested including John Hudson, who brings a lot of experience in areas I’m not particularly strong in. This post-presentation version of our program totals 60 minutes, so I’ve divided it into two parts, below:


PS, May, 2019: For more on the middle portions of this watershed, see this aerial report on a scouting walk with Steve Merli.