Repeat photography

Sometimes abbreviated RP, repeat photography is the art and science of precisely retaking historical photographs in order to document, analyze and understand change. We prioritize well-captured and reliably relocated scenes, offering opportunities to examine successional change in vegetational communities, and in some cases landform evolution.

Abandoned gold-rush town of Dyea, near Skagway. 2005 retake of 1899 photo, by Kathy Hocker and Karl Gurcke.

The map below shows locations of historic photos—both ground-based (red triangles) and aerial obliques (black arrows)—mostly by the US Navy in 1926 & 1929. Symbols point in the direction the photo was taken. Clicking on an arrow opens a pop-up with information about the photo and a thumbnail. Clicking on that thumbnail opens a medium-resolution view. Thanks to support from Kim Homan, formerly with the Southeast Alaska GIS Library, for posting this collection. The host is ESRI’s ArcGISonline. By clicking ‘view larger map’ you move to their site.

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