Dzantik’i Héeni Middle School

Discovery was there for the opening of this school in 1995. I’d recently ‘retired’ from Nature Studies (grades 3 through 5), by then in the capable hands of master naturalists Dave Lubin and Steve Merli, and transitioned into Middle School projects, following Marie Drake teachers Jan Pohl and Susan Joling when that school closed and migrated to Dzantik’i Héeni.

An exceptional variety of forest and wetland community types can be accessed in a short walk from this school. Many of the student-authored publications I coached have described these surroundings.

From 2013 CBJ LiDAR, we can display ‘bare-earth’ with vegetation stripped away, along with predicted streams and fine contour intervals. Colors are from RD Miller’s 1975 surficial geology map.

Same view from ArcMap, with 2013 color infrared orthophoto.

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1996 student publication on forests near Dzantik’i Héeni

Forests of Eix̱’gul’héen In the early days of Dzantik’i Héeni Middle School, I was asked to assist with a poetry-and-art…

1996: updated 2023 | ROPES House students | 19 pages

Shaanáx̱ Tlein, (Lemon Creek watershed)

Tides, toads & topography: Natural & cultural history of big valley In 2003 I had the privilege of directing a…

2003 | Alder House students | 27 pages

Teachers’ outings, 2021

Year-3: Estuaries & steep places Two kinds of landforms & habitats have consumed my attention this winter and spring—estuaries and…

2021 | Richard Carstensen | 60 page journal & course manual

Forests after logging or glaciers

Effects of age and succession type on forest overstory and understory In 1991 I assisted highschool students Joey Bosworth and…

1991 | Joey Bosworth & Erika O'Sullivan | 1 page poster

1995 Student guide to Outer Point

Take a hike … Exploring a favorite Juneau trail In the inaugural year of Dzantik’i Héeni Middle School, an ambitious…

1995 | Students of Dzantik'i Héeni | 19 pages

1997 Summer newsletter: Wild watershed

There is no free lunch Life-and-death adventures with middle schoolers on the mountain above Dzantik’i Héeni Middle School. Tracking birds…

Summer 1997 | Richard Carstensen | 4 pages

GeoPDFs Shaanáx Tlein-Til’héeni (Lemon-Salmon)

Medium-resolution GeoPDF pair for field navigation in Shaanáx Tlein, big valley (Lemon) and Til’héeni, dog salmon creek (Salmon) valleys. In…

2018 | Richard Carstensen | 2 GeoPDFs

GeoPDFs Shaanáx Tlein (Lemon Creek)

High-resolution GeoPDF pair for field navigation on trails in lower Shaanáx Tlein, big valley (lower Lemon Creek watershed). All of…

2018 | Richard Carstensen | 2 geoPDFs

Dzantik’i Héeni Middle School signs

In 2010, on contract with CBJ Parks and Recreation, Discovery designed 3-panel sign arrays for 10 trailheads on (or leading…

Richard Carstensen | 1 page

Dzantik’i Héeni Loop Trail brochure

Four-fold brochure created for the CBJ Natural History Project describes 14 interpretive stations along the loop trail above Dzantik’i Héeni…

2013 | Richard Carstensen | 2 pages

Switzer/Marriott brochure

In 2004, with Kristen Romanoff of ADF&G, Discovery Southeast coached a student writing & art team that created an interpretive…

2004 | 2 pages, 1 MB

About bears: Juneau bears, and their relationship with people

This 42-page booklet, About Bears, was written during construction of Dzantik’i Héeni Middle School by Richard Carstensen, Steve Merli, and…

1997 | Richard Carstensen, Steve Merli, Ronalda Cadiente | 42 pages