Auke Bay Elementary School

Discovery has worked with Auke Bay School since our first teacher workshops in the early 1990s. Judy Maier, one of our founding ‘mentor teachers’ from Harborview days, began teaching at Auke Bay and embarked on the students-&-elders project that culminated in publication of A step back into old Auke Bay

Field sites in easy walking distance from Auke Bay School and the University.

Auke Bay Elementary is in the watersheds of Lake Creek, and streams like Áak’w Noow and Waydelich. Tiny Bay Creek trickles along the edge of the school grounds and is accessed by trail from the playground. Few have recorded Lingít names, except Gaat Héeni, sockeye stream, draining Aak’w, little lake.

Orthomosaic from ArcGIS Online, taken 20190629