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This is the ‘miscellaneous’ section in Media for stuff that doesn’t quite pigeonhole into more definable formats such as books or videos.These are generally less formal productions—sometimes snippets from other documents—as opposed to ‘finished’ reports for print or digital publication. Also in this section are digital versions of sign content for ten 3-panel sign arrays at trailheads throughout the CBJ.

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Montana Creek trailhead signs

In 2010, on contract with CBJ Parks and Recreation, Discovery designed 3-panel sign arrays for 10 trailheads on (or leading…

2010 | Richard Carstensen | 3 pages

Western toad declines

Mysterious declines As most longtime Southeast residents are aware, we‚’ve suffered a major decline in western toad, recently renamed Anaxyrus…

2014 | Richard Carstensen |

Asx’ée (Eagle Beach) maps & historical series

I created an early version of this compilation while still living at the Scout camp at Asx’ée, twisted tree (Eagle River),…

2017 | Richard Carstensen | 33pages

Héen Latinee high country

Excerpt from a lengthy scoping document on Héen Latinee Experimental Forest, at the northern edge of Áak’w Aaní. Geography, geology,…

2010 | Richard Carstensen | 11 Pages

Succession illustration

This info sheet explains how a forest changes as it matures from emerging forest to old growth. Download info sheet…

2015 | 1 Page

Naming our home

Name as story; name as narcissism 2013: Over the past few years, I have grown increasingly interested in cultural differences…

2013 | Richard Carstensen | 5 pages

Alexander Archipelago wolves

This short piece from the Alaska Wildlife Alliance gives an overview of challenges faced by wolves of Alexander Archipelago by…

2013 | Alaska Wildlife Alliance | 4 pages

Dogs, wildlife and wildlife viewing

This position statement addresses how dogs can impact wildlife, with a focus on the Mendenhall Wetlands. Download here (1MB):

2009 | Juneau Audubon Society | 4 pages

Just before the camera: journal of Richard Meade

Richard Meade was captain of a steamship that spent 4 months in Southeast in 1868 and 1869. I’ve created a…

2014 | Richard Meade (Carstensen, ed) | 42 pages

Gold Creek delta historical series

To evaluate change along the shoreline proposed for a seawalk, I georeferenced a series of historical maps and vertical air…

2013 | Richard Carstensen | 16 pages

Mendenhall Glacier: aerial perspectives

Collection of maps and images spanning the past century shows glacial retreat the forest succession,.Áak’w Kwáan Sít’i, Áak’w peoples’ glacier…

2013 | Richard Carstensen | 10 pages

Glacial history and landforms

At Juneau, marine sediments dating to 13,000 BP have been found at 750 feet above sea level. Considering world sea…

2013 | Richard Carstensen |

Pond & Davies at Echo Cove

Annotated guide to Alaska State Library’s collection of historic photos of the Echo Cove by turn-of-the-century miners Percy Pond and…

2014 | Richard Carstensen | 6 pages

Landmark Trees of Áak’w & T’aakú Aaní

Northern challenges As you might expect, our highest-scoring Landmark Tree stands are on the central and southern Tongass. But we‚’ve…