West Shee, volcano woman (Baranof Island)

First of the provinces to fall under ‘western’ rule, West Shee is home to Sheet’ká, ocean side of Shee (Sitka), today with the highest ratio of arts and culture to human bodies of any Southeast community.

Bare earth from IfSAR-generated digital elevation model (DEM) Lingít place names from the 2012 cultural atlas (Thornton & Martin, eds).

Aside from the low-gradient Edgecumbe peatlands, the province is very rugged. Mt. Annahootz, 4,301 ft, is the highest peak in this province.

Here’s a map for the Sitka area:

Bare earth from IfSAR-generated digital elevation model (DEM) Lingít place names from Thornton & Martin, (2012)

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