Shtax’héen, water biting itself (Stikine River) is by far the largest fluvial corridor connecting Southeast Alaska with interior. It drains about 19,000
square miles of British Columbia. Next largest watersheds are T’aakú and Aalséix/T’áchán shahéeni (Alsek/Tatshenshini), each about 5,000 sq mi. In many ways, biological and physical, Shtax’héen dominates this province. Of its 2,531 square miles, glaciers cover 410, 16% of total land area.

Northeast upriver to Kuxnuk X’áat’i, set back island (Sergief). Photo by  Alaska Shorezone.

Topography and traced glaciers from IfSAR. Place names from the cultural atlas (Thornton & Martin (2012)

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