Forest Service cartographers originally named this the Cleveland – Revillagigedo biogeographic province. Since we lack recorded Lingít names for either of these broad landscape features, I’ve settled on the name of the kwáan who claimed both. Sanyaa province is one of the wettest regions of Southeast. Kichxáan, near the eagle’s wing (Ketchikan) gets about 160 inches precipitation.

Northeast across head of Yeekuka, good for nothing (Vallenar Bay), on the northern end of Gravina Island (noTN?). Photo from a Landmark Trees aerial survey in 1998. Steep, well-drained forest in distance is on state land so I have no year of logging, but it’s part of a 1000-acre clearcut extending 4 miles upvalley onto National Forest, where the managed_stands database gives a date of 1955. Much of the cut came back in alder, suggesting logs were dragged downslope rather than suspension-yarded.

Placenames and bedrock geology on IfSAR topography

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