North Misty Fiords province is dominated by steep-walled granitic fiords and narrow valleys with highly fragmented stringers of conifer forest. It has the lowest percentage of productive old growth—17%—of any province except the 4 northernmost. Most of the province is designated National Monument/Wilderness, and is typical of such ‘set-asides’ in having high scenic and low timber values.

Joonák, dreaming (Unuk River) drains about 900 square miles of interior British Columbia. Its watershed, while much smaller than that of the 3 principle mountain-penetrating rivers of Southeast—the Stikine, Taku, and Alsek/Tatshenshini—does merit the name ‘transboundary,’ as it connects to BC through a low-elevation valley. Climate is colder here than in South Misty province— described next—and topography is more rugged. Elevations reach 6000 feet above Soule Glacier near Hyder.

Upstream over Joonák. Photo by Alaska Shorezone.

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A week at Soule River

In July, 2009, I assisted with field surveys for a proposed hydro project near Hyder, on the Canadian border. My…

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