Two scales of geopdfs for X’áat’ T’áak watershed.

Sayéik, spirit helper (Douglas Island) & X’áat’ T’áak, town behind an island (Douglas town)

The name Sayéik, spirit helper, describes the 18-mile-long island named by Vancouver for the irrelevant Bishop of Salisbury. In English, the mining town on that island was reflexively given the same name in 1886. In Tlingit, however, the town name is distinct from its mother island’s. It’s called X’aat T’aak by reference to the little guardian island just offshore:

“X’aat means island, the Mayflower island. CK says we can call Sitka that also. The translation is ‘the town behind an island.’ Walter Soboleff said the island in front of Douglas [Mayflower) is called x’aat.” (Marie Olson & Cecilia Kunz, 1992)

Historic structures routes compared to today’s trail complex.

Mature deciduous forest colonizing abandoned mining town

Of my own initiative I’d never have expended much interpretive energy on Treadwell. Nothing about it feels “natural.” Whatever beach it once had is buried under sand, which makes it Juneau’s favorite place to let dogs off leash. They also rampage through the understory of the unAlaskan-feeling deciduous forest, colonized after a series of forest fires (what?!, in Southeast?!) seared the whole place to mineral soil. Because of dogs, and cats cruising at night, what might be a unique community of elsewhere-rare breeding songbirds is what ecologists call a “sink,” where more birds die or waste their reproductive energies than are born.

But the Treadwell historic loop trails were one of 10 systems selected by folks at Parks & Rec during our work on the CBJ Natural History Project.   And as with every place I’ve ever studied, for either love or money, Treadwell captured my imagination. Trees grow out of the tops of crumbling concrete buildings—a place of hope and inspiration. (Maybe mining folks don’t see it that way?) It reminds me of the jungle at Palenque, where bat falcons perch atop Mayan ruins, and the piss and bellow of howler monkeys makes it inadvisable to linger too long under the drip line of verdant, victorious strangler figs.

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