Geopdf from LiDAR for lower Kaalahéenak’u watershed.

Ḵaalahéenak’u, inside a person’s mouth (Peterson Creek)

In August, 1794, rowing through Áak’w, Aaní, Joseph Whidbey must have noted a L’eeneidí village or at least summer fish camp near what we today call “Outer Point.” I say ‘must have,’ because his original journals disappeared after confiscation by his commander George Vancouver.

In his second-hand account of the Áak’w encounters, Vancouver (who was sick on the outer coast and never saw Áak’w country) casually mentioned “the point on which the northern village is situated,” as if it had before been mapped or described. From my league-by-league cross-referencing of Vancouver and Menzies journals, this “point” was clearly the northern tip of Sayeik, spirit helper:

“which after the Bishop of Salisbury, I named Douglas’s Island.” GV

Hmmmph!  Only one of dozens of colonial names) honoring distant dead dignitaries, by another white dude who never laid eyes on our home.

And where, exactly, was that “village?”

Surficial geology of the Outer Point area, based upon USGS map by R.D. Miller, 1975.

Even the surviving place names— Ḵaalahéenak’u, inside a person’s mouth, and Deishú Áak’w, little lake at end of trail-–are shrouded in mystery, their stories lost to time. What is the “mouth?” And where (if it even still exists) is that “little lake?”  A couple centuries of storms and glacial rebound have remodeled the landforms and habitats here.

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