Three geopdfs for Áak’w Táak: 1) the ‘greater’ watershed, from IfSAR; 2) & 3) more detail for upper and lower inhabited portions.

Áakw Táak, inland from little lake (greater Mendenhall Valley)

On May 25th, to celebrate school’s end, Discovery Naturalists Steve Merli, John Hudson and I accompanied 50 teachers and staff from Dzantik’i Héeni Middle School across tidal flats at the bottom of T’áa Shuyee, board squared at end (Mendenhall Valley). We started at the end of Peninsula Road and got picked up at Industrial Boulevard. The walk traversed lovely salt marsh and uplift meadows at peak of spring migration. Here’s a slideshow summary.

SW over lower the flats to Áak’w Tá, little lake bay (Auke Bay). On the right, willow-alder wetlands advance onto raised tideland. In left mid-distance, Widgeon Ponds sit on compacted silt.

East over mouth of Steep Creek to the Visitor Center, April, 2002. Not surprising we have no Lingít place names for these features that were ice covered until the mid-1900s.

For navigation, I’ve  prepared several geopdfs that you can load to the app Avenza, described in Tools>Field navigation  Basemaps are high-res bare earth from 2013 CBJ LiDAR, and coarser 5-m pixel hillshade from IfSAR.

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