Two scales of geopdfs for Dzantik’i Héeni watershed.

Dzantik’i Héeni, flounder at the base of the creek (Gold Creek)

Our (formerly) unnoticed front yard

In 2015, Cathy Pohl did a little bird study of the Gold Creek delta, with an eye (and ear) to what changes we might expect with construction of the proposed Sea Walk outside Egan Expressway. All kinds of cool stuff going on out there! Because we’ve been so cut off from our waterfront by traffic, few of us downtown residents recreated on little flounder creek.

That changed suddenly in 2018 when the Sea Walk opened. Now, our marine ‘front yard’ beckons as invitingly as our goaty ‘back yard.’ What a cool place to live!

Even in the sleet of December, Dzantik’i Héeni rewards investigation. Check out this 7-minute slide show about a walk with Discovery staff.

I prepared a high-resolution version of this map to bring on interpretive walks led by Mike Blackwell and Cathy Connor for Friends of the Juneau Douglas City Museum.

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Cusp of summer and fall

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Goats on Eyecliff

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Heron roost

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New years Jánwu party at Centergrove

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Nature near the schools: Downtown Schools. 1991

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Special trees in Nettle Slide

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Blackwell City Walk: info packet

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Geopdf Shaa Tlaax (Mt Juneau)

Air-photo GeoPDF for field navigation on trails to Shaa Tlaax, moldy top (Mt Juneau).  In apps such as Avenza, on…

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Mid-May on Shaa Tlaax

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Geopdfs Gold geology

High-resolution GeoPDF pair for field navigation in Dzantik’i Héeni (Gold Creek) watershed. In apps such as Avenza, on your phone…

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Heron fishing

Cathy Pohl filmed this great blue heron fishing for crescent gunnels on the delta of Dzantik’i Héeni, little flounder creek…

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Staff hike in Dzantik’i Héeni basin

On a sleety December 11th, 2018, Discovery Southeast staff (and Clay Good, board) hiked together in the lower valley of…

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GeoPDFs Gold&Sheep watersheds

Medium-resolution GeoPDF pair for field navigation in Dzantik’i Héeni (Gold) and Chaas’héeni (Sheep) watersheds. In apps such as Avenza, on…

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