Two scales of geopdfs for Ch’eet’ Taayí watershed.

Ch’eet’ Taayí, murrelet fat (Cowee Creek)

Ch’eet’ Taayí, murrelet fat, on Wooshkeetaan land, is the real name of “Cowee Creek,” named by Euros for a Leeneidí shaman.

A description of Cowee-Davies, relative to the other 9 watersheds studied during our CBJ Natural History Project, is basically all superlatives: wildest, biggest, fishiest, beariest, most forested-glaciated-uplifted and most ecologically indispensable to our borough. Its most popular attractions today are trails threading the lovely lower meadows. But the upper watershed is equally rich and spectacular.

For an annotated version of this geology map, see our 4-fold interpretive brochure.

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Besse-Cowee journal, 2011

Discovery & FSL explore Héen Latinee For experienced backcountry navigators, Bessie Creek trail offers a ‘backdoor’ into the Cowee-Davies watershed,…

2011 | Richard Carstensen | 13 pages

GeoPDF Ch’eet’ Taayí (Cowee Meadows)

High-resolution GeoPDF pair for field navigation at Ch’eet’ Taayí, murrelet fat (Cowee Creek) and Echo Cove. In apps such as…

2018 | Richard Carstensen | 2 geoPDFs

GeoPDFs Ch’eet’ Taayí (Cowee-Davies)

Medium-resolution GeoPDF pair for field navigation in Ch’eet’ Taayí, murrelet fat (Cowee) watershed. For coastal regions, download the higher-res LiDAR-based…

2018 | Richard Carstensen | 2 geoPDFs

Supplement to the CBJ wetlands surveys, 2016

In summer 2014, Koren Bosworth, Cathy Pohl, Andrew Allison and I surveyed wetlands throughout the CBJ. Although we were not…

2016 | Richard Carstensen | 31 page excerpt (of 512p)

Area descriptions for CBJ wetlands surveys, 2014

Supplement to the 2016 Juneau Wetlands Management Plan In summer 2014, Koren Bosworth, Cathy Pohl, Andrew Allison and I surveyed…

2018 | Richard Carstensen | 8 separate pdfs, 2 to 5 MB

Cowee Meadows trailhead signs

In 2010, on contract with CBJ Parks and Recreation, Discovery designed 3-panel sign arrays for 10 trailheads on (or leading…

Cowee flight

100 seconds of aerial video over Ch’eet’ Taayí, murrelet fat (Cowee Creek), on the north end of the CBJ. End…

2017 | Richard Carstensen | 2 minutes

Cowee walk video

20160526  Quadcopter video of Ch’eet’ Taayi, murrelet fat (Cowee Creek) over uplift meadow and blooming wildflowers. Cathy Pohl, Steve Merli…

2016 | Richard Carstensen | 2:42

Western toad declines

Mysterious declines As most longtime Southeast residents are aware, we’ve suffered a major decline in western toad, recently renamed Anaxyrus…

2014 | Richard Carstensen |

Héen Latinee high country

Excerpt from a lengthy scoping document on Héen Latinee Experimental Forest, at the northern edge of Áak’w Aaní. Geography, geology,…

2010 | Richard Carstensen | 11 Pages

Repeat photography summary report

Documenting change through repeat photography in Southeast Alaska Carefully framed retakes of historical photographs documenting vegetation and landform change in…

2005: 2nd ed, 2013 | Richard Carstensen, Kathy Hocker | 39 pages

Cowee-Davies brochure

Four-fold brochure created for the CBJ Natural History Project describes sea-level change, habitats, fish, wildlife and human history of Cowee…

2010 | Richard Carstensen | 2 pages

Pond & Davies at Echo Cove

Annotated guide to Alaska State Library’s collection of historic photos of the Echo Cove by turn-of-the-century miners Percy Pond and…

2014 | Richard Carstensen | 6 pages