Daxanáak, between 2 points (Berners Bay)

When I came to Juneau in the late 1970s, Berners Bay became, as for other outdoorsy-but-low-budget 20-somethings, my ‘affordable wilderness.’ I’d launch my decked canoe at Echo Cove and spend up to a month at a time exploring the forests and tidelands of Daxanáak. I didn’t yet know its real name, so called it by the maiden name of George Vancouver’s mother—not knowing or caring how that label came to lie upon a feature George himself never saw (Bridget Berners scored bigtime in Berners Bay).

ESE up Gilkey River, September, 2012

For the same reasons this bay ‘worked’ logistically for a wanna-be naturalist of limited means, it continues to offer realistic options for teachers wanting students to know the thrill of expeditionary adventure in a time of budgetary cutbacks. No helicopter? No problem!

Bare earth hillshade from the new IfSAR DEM (delivered fall, 2015). My surficial geologic units are an extension from RD Miller’s 1972 classification for the area from Juneau to Mendenhall Valley.

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