Waders, waterfowl, shorebirds, gulls, alcids, etc.

Waterbirds branch off the base of the family tree

This section is for notes on the diverse group of resident and migrant species we call ‘waterbirds.’ Generally long-lived species, typically portrayed as branches off the lower half of the order Aves. From the perspective of a pilot, these are the families—namely waterfowl, gulls and heron—you really don’t want to see up-close on approach to the runway.

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Nature near the schools: Birds

Powerpoint & script for spring Nature Studies Rainforest is not the first place a birder gravitates to. In breeding season,…

1990 | Richard Carstensen | powerpoint & presenter's script

History and future of the Refuge

Rebound, succession, fish&wildlife, and aviation on Juneau’s Mendenhall Wetlands In 2011, Jeff Sauer at Juneau Audubon asked for a presentation…

2011 | Richard Carstensen | 36-minute slideshow

Spring trumpeters

Northbound swans, Áak’w Táak, inland from little lake (M-word Valley) April 4th, 2020. For the past week or more, birders…

2020 | Richard Carstensen | 3-minute video

Birds & plane safety

Beginning in late 2001, on contract with Airport EIS consultants SWCA, Bob Armstrong and I spent a full year surveying…

2004 | Richard Carstensen & Bob Armstrong | 14 pages

Heron fishing

Cathy Pohl filmed this great blue heron fishing for crescent gunnels on the delta of Dzantik’i Héeni, little flounder creek…

2018 | Richard Carstensen | 1 page

Windy moonrise

Experiments filming moonrise on a cold, windy February day in Juneau, Alaska. Includes segment with great blue heron, trying to…

2017 | Richard Carstensen | 2 minutes

Common birds of Southeast Alaska

This field-ID laminate introduces common land-&-sea birds of Southeast. Beginning birders can be overwhelmed by the number of species in…

White-fronted geese

Coming home from Hoonah in late April, 2015, Cathy and I swung out to the Industrial Boulevard wetland access to…

2015 | Richard Carstensen & Catherine Pohl | 10 seconds

Spring migrants on the Refuge

Yellowlegs, peeps, and northbound songbirds on the Refuge dike trail.  

2017 | Richard Carstensen | 90 seconds

The Mendenhall Wetlands: a globally recognized Important Bird Area.

In 2009, with support from the Southeast Alaska Land Trust, Bob, Mary, Marge and I distilled much of the information…

2009 | Armstrong, Carstensen, Willson and Osborn | 82 pages

Dogs, wildlife and wildlife viewing

This position statement addresses how dogs can impact wildlife, with a focus on the Mendenhall Wetlands. Download here (1MB):

2009 | Juneau Audubon Society | 4 pages

Hotspots: bird survey of Mendenhall Wetlands (April 2002 to May 2003)

Summary of a 14 month bird survey on Mendenhall Wetlands State Game Refuge, undertaken on request from US Fish &…

2004 | Robert Armstrong, Richard Carstensen, Mary Willson | 77 pages